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Use and maintenance by slewing bearings

2016-08-09 10:10
1.The slewing bearings are slightly greased on the raceway 2#extreme pressure lithium-base grease(GB7324-1994).
Before usager ,sufficiently regreet the slewing bearring with new grease.According to different application, the user can choose suitable grease.
2. Regrease should be carried out 60 hours work for slewing bearing in normal usage. If the environment is dusty, wet ,very hot or humid ,the more frequency must be achieved up to more times.
3. Check the preload of the bolts after 100 hours’ work, then check it every 500 hours. In order to maintain enough preload , replace the bolts 7 years later or after 14000 hours’ work.
4. Carry out checking if there is noise, shock or sharply increase of the power, dismounting maybe necessary some-times.
Often check the seals and replace or change it once they are out of the grooves or damaged. 

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